The MADN Team

Sharing knowledge since 2011

MADN was founded in 2011 as WiPhug and focussed solely on Windows Phone development. As soon as Microsoft started ruling the world with their mobile stack and in the end acquiring Xamarin we have expanded our topics to .NET modern application developement. It was at this moment we decided to change the cool WiPhug-name, that nobody knew how to pronounce, into MADN. Our team consists of five people who are passionate in sharing their knowledge to the community.

Bart Lannoeye

Board member

Bart is an enthusiastic consultant at Sirus for the Microsoft technology stack, mainly focusing on Windows (UWP/WPF), Mobile (Xamarin) and custom .NET development. He’s always open for a new challenge and eager to learn.

Bart keeps a personal blog on which he describes his discoveries and findings on the problems he encounters during his daily tasks.

Dennis Miscoria

Board member

Husband, father of two, Oompa Loompa at, holding on to the Microsoft bandwagon in his little spare time, "hitting the woods just great on the golf course, but having a terrible time getting out of them."

Glenn Versweyveld

Board member

Glenn Versweyveld is a passionate developer with interest in everything surrounding Microsoft and .NET in particular, currently working as a Xamarin mobile software engineer at Bank J. Van Breda & C°.

He has some knowledge of MVC, jquery and HTML/CSS, but focusses on XAML development like Xamarin, UWP and WPF. Besides that, he's also a Windows Development MVP ( Microsoft Most Valuable Professional ), Xamarin MVP ( Most Valuable Professional ), board member of the MADN user group and a Belgium MEET ( Microsoft Extended Experts Team ) member, with that he tries to help out in several community endeavours.

When there is some spare time left, Glenn likes to do Eskrima (a martial arts form of the Philippines).

Nico Vermeir

Board member

Nico is a Lead Developer for Mobile Applications in Belgium at a company called RealDolmen since 2016. He's very passionate about mobile development in the Microsoft stack and a strong believer in the value of communities.

He's a board member of the Belgian Modern UI app development user group called MADN. He speaks regularly at user groups or technical conferences and is actively helping people on Twitter and a variety of online communities.

He's author of "Windows 8 app development - XAML & C#" and a DZone MVB.

Danny Van Neyghem

Supporting member

Danny is a lecturer in computer science. He teaches his students to develop WPF, ASP.NET MVC and mobile applications in C#. Besides teaching, he spends his free time on his other passions, Disney, basketball and Panther (the house cat).