EuroCodeBattle 2015

Saturday May 23th is the day when all bets are off. The question of what European country has the best mobile designers and developers will be answered once and for all! We at MADN are pretty certain of the outcome of this battle but we’ll need your help.

We’re looking for developers and designers that can join us in battle on Saturday May 23th from 9AM until 6PM on the 3th floor of the Lindner hotel in Antwerp. Together we’ll show what the Belgians are capable of in the fields of

  • Design
  • Development
  • Ideas

We’ll be building mobile apps all day, at the end of the day an independent jury will give points on several criteria. During the day you can unlock achievements, both as an individual and / or as a team. We’ll have a whole range of wonderful prizes for the cream of the crop among you but most importantly, we’ll show that Belgium might be small, but that we can take care of ourselves and that we’re better app builders! The country with the most achievements gathered at the end of the day takes home the crown.

Participation is free, experts will be on site to help with your questions or to get you started into the world of app development. It’ll be a great day filled with fun and achievements.

Registration and welcome starts at 9AM. At 10AM we tune in live with the guys and girls from the other participating countries and then it’s gloves off until 6PM. The winner will get announced a bit after 6PM. Coffee and lunch are being provided by our sponsor Microsoft. The only thing you need is your developer machine.

We’ve created a Facebook page for this event, so like and share our page! The challenges for the battle will be made public on the official event site the day itself.

Don't hesitate to join us, free tickets are still available on Eventbrite.

The Belgian delegation is proudly sponsored by

SyncFusion Microsoft

February 5th: OAuth and the Twitter API

Our last MADN session was about how to use OAuth from within windows 8 or windows phone and also about the workings of the twitter API. All of this was presented by our guest speaker Matthieu De Laere ( @_MadMatt )!

First part of the evening we got all the details on how to work with OAuth through c#... Getting it up and running isn't for everyone, so it was no surprise that getting through this part took most of the time. We saw what requests we needed to make to get the correct keys and have an authentication. Matthieu also gave us many tips and tricks that aren't obvious when you start working with OAuth, like being sure that your pc has the correct date/time configured!!

In the end Matthieu did have a big surprise, even though he handed us all the needed coding info, he also created a NuGet library that every c# developer can use to easily plug in OAuth in your app!

After this we got more details on how to use the twitter API. There is an API you can use, but again Mattthieu had a lot of extra info that are important when hooking up your app to twitter. Most of this was gathered while he created the MeTweets Windows Phone app. We even got another nice surprise, the first open demo of the MeTweets Windows 8 version. And we have to say, we liked what we saw!!

December 17th: Images & text: how to keep a balanced UI in through Blend and animations!

Tonight was one of these nights where traffic was not our best friend.
Unfortunatly we live in this little country where traffic jams are frequent, and traffic infarcts happen often.
So tonight was also a night like that for everybody who needed to travel from Brussels to Antwerp.
I told Glenn to start already because I was stuck too, even though I tried to drive via the smaller roads - apparently others had that same idea.
Anyway, I arrived at 19:00, an hour to half an hour too late... sorry Glenn.

Glenn just started to show his 2nd case of how to use images and text together on 1 Windows Phone page. He couldn't find a good use case for this example, but I thought it would be very usefull for a kind of illustrated book use case, where you read a lot of text, and while scrolling the text up to read more, the image does the same to reveal more... like a kind of treasure map for example.

His third and last example was where he opened up the magic box, all kind of handy features and animations to create a modern image carousel... very applicable to those that need to create a heavily illustrated app... I'm thinking about a page that showcases featured products or a company presentation, you name it.

Via this way we want to thank our location, food and beverage sponsor Cozmos... they did a great job at hosting this event.
We also want to thank the die hard fans that each and every time show up, even if there are traffic jams.
We wish you all a happy new year; and we hope to see you on one of our events next year.

For those interested in the presentation that Glenn gave and the code samples he used, check out his GitHub projects:


Here is the presentation : 20131217 - MADN - Images and text how to keep a balanced UI in through Blend and animations.pptx (2.58 mb)

Session October 23rd - What’s new in XAML and Tooling for Windows 8.1?

Hello everyone!

It is getting a habit for inviting Dutch MVP's to our sessions and our last event was no difference.

Fons Sonnemans,a Dutch MVP Client Development, joined us for a great evening and talked about the new tooling and features for developers in Windows 8.1 when using Visual Studio 2013 and Blend!

This session gave us a great overview of the new the XAML and Tools features for developing Windows 8.1 Store apps. We learned the new possibilities in Blend like Sample Data and Guides, the new features of Visual Studio 2013 like IntelliSense and Code Snippets. Last but not least we were introduced to the new Controls and the new features of existing Controls. Lots of demos showed us the new UI and areas of focus for XAML in Windows 8.1.
If you weren't there you missed probably some awesome features you definitely need when authoring some cool Windows 8.1 XAML apps!

We would like to thank Ordina for location and catering! You, for being numerous this evening! We had a show rate of 96%! Pluralsight for giving away some nice prices, Jens, Mathias and Daan have some learning fun on their site!
And of course last but not least, we would like to thank Fons Sonnemans!

The slides of this presentation can be found here:

Keep an eye on our website for upcoming events as we are planning some!

Session October 23rd - What’s new in XAML and Tooling for Windows 8.1?

Hi everyone! Summerbreak is over, so time to get back to business. We’ve been gathering speakers and sessions during the summer and we’ve just announced our very first after summer session.

Fons Sonnemans, a Dutch MVP Client Development, is coming to Belgium for us to talk about the new tooling and features for developers in Windows 8.1. He’ll be talking about Visual Studio 2013, Blend and new XAML features.

“This session will give you an overview of the new the XAML and Tools features for developing Windows 8.1 Store apps. You will learn the new possibilities in Blend like Sample Data and Guides, the new features of Visual Studio 2013 like IntelliSense and Code Snippets. Last but not least you will learn the new Controls and the new features of existing Controls. Lots of demos will show you the new UI and areas of focus for XAML in Windows 8.1. Come to this rapid-fire demo session that walks over all the new features for authoring awesome Windows 8.1 XAML apps.”

Location and catering for this session are provided by Ordina Belgium, thanks guys!

Register soon, places are limited and we’ll see you on October 23rd!


Best practices in Windows store app development - Tom Verhoeff

Once again MADN was greeted by a dutch guy and like last time, it was a Windows Phone MVP! We had the honour of having Tom Verhoeff speak at our previous event!

Tom came by to give us an overview of his experience with Windows 8 development in C# and XAML. Not only would he speak about some good to know tips, but he also gave us great technical tricks that he uses while developing.

First he gave us a quick overview of some of the design principles of Windows 8 and what you have to take care of when you want to create a great application!

Later he went into more detail on how to handle these principles while developing your application! Like how to be sure you are always showing the right amount of content depending on the screen resolution of the Windows 8 device.After that we still got a lot more tips on handling images and layout ( example handling semantic zoom ).

In other words a great presentation!

We also like to thank our sponsors, especially RealDolmen for letting us host the event at their office and SyncFusion for providing us with some cool give away prizes!!

The presentation and demos can be found on our SkyDrive here...

Photo of the prize winners

2012-11-17 - When AZUG meets MADN (or: coding and BBQ)

AZUG and MADN present... A joint event! We're sorry about that lame rhyme, we're less sorry about what we're up to. Short summary: coding, cloud, Windows 8 and barbeque!

When AZUG meets MADN

With the general availability of Windows 8 and the release of Windows Phone 8, it is time to bundle forces and to let you experience the true power of mobile and cloud. Scalability and reach, 2 solid platforms, a match made in heaven.

On Saturday November 17th, Windows Azure will meet Windows 8 on a fun event where you take the lead in developing something and where you can show off your skills. 7 mobile geeks and 7 cloud freaks will be there to assist you in building the next killer app and will support you with demos and tips and tricks. You will have the opportunity to show other people what you created and you will be awarded with great prizes.
After all that hard work, BBQ will be waiting for you and you'll have the opportunity to socialize with other equally minded people.
We are looking forward to welcome you!


08:00 - 08:30: Early start (with koffiekoeken for you!)
08:30 - 09:00: Kick-off (rules, teaming, minimal requirements)
09:00 - 12:30: Code, code, code!
13:00 - 13:30: Demo your app and cloud service
13:30 - 17:30: Barbeque time!


We're working on prizes...


Two user groups, a bunch of MVP's and MEET members... If you need help with anything, just ask! We'll be doing demo's around 08:30, 10:00 and 11:30 as well.

Practical details

Event date: November 17, 2011 - 8:00 - 17:30
Catering: BBQ!

Event location:
Skaldenstraat 121
9042 Gent

Register via EventBrite

We've had a lot of no-shows earlier. Which is a pity if we order sandwiches, but even more of a pity if we have to slaughter cattle provide meat and afterwards throw it in the garbage can.
Here's the deal: you pay us 10 EUR now and if you show up, you simply get it back. Making it a free event for you if you show up. Fair enough?

MADN launch action

Hi! And welcome to MADN, the newest incarnation of the Belgian Windows Phone User Group.

We really hope to welcome both old and new community members to our events. Take a look at our events page, we already have quite some content available in the coming months with more to be announced soon so stay tuned.

To celebrate our new and improved launch we’re organizing a contest in collaboration with Microsoft. The concept is really easy, you publish 4 Windows Phone apps, you get a brand new phone from us. Here are the rules

  • 4 apps for a phone
  • 1 phone per person
  • The apps have to be submitted to the marketplace after August 8 2012
  • First come, first serve, we have 10 devices available
  • The apps have to be published before October 8 2012

Easy, right? So get coding and be one of ten lucky people who receive a brand new phone and maybe earn some money on the side from ads or by selling those 4 newly published apps.

The phones are Nokia Lumia 710 devices.


3 times Windows Phone 7

On June 27th we had our third WiPhug event, it was specially titles 3 times Windows Phone 7 and was presented by 3 speakers! Our sponsor of that evening was Proximity BBDO and the event was located at their beautiful Villa Kortenberg. Thanks again Jo and Manfred!

So 3 speakers and 3 different topics... first up was Nico Vermeir and he presented us a nice intro on how to get started with game development in XNA on the Windows Phone. His slides and code can be found here...

Secondly we had Tom Janssens, who brought us a very detailed overview on how we can incorporate Google Analytics in our Windows Phone apps. But he also showed us how to manage and maintain all the data coming from the app on the Google Analytics page! His slides and code can be found here...

And last but not least Michael Bruyninckx! He showed us some tips & tricks about using sound inside your Windows Phone apps/games through use of XNA. There where also some pointers on what could go wrong when submitting your 'sound' app to the marketstore.  His slides and code can be found here...

All in all a great evening and lots of coding tips.


WiPhug team

Building a Windows Phone application from Z to A

On April 26th we held our very first event.
** PowerPoint slides and code can be found here... **

The location was pretty awesome - an old theater that was completely renovated and modernized, and by that it got a second life.
I liked the cellar with it's arches very much, it was pretty cozy.
By this way we want to thank Cronos very much for providing us with the location and the catering that night ! A big THANK YOU !

The location was way too big for the crowd that showed up, but hey, this is our first event.
We can speak about a real success, of the 65 people that registered, 46 showed up, a few let us know via Twitter that they couldn't make it because of the terrible traffic that day.
We also want to thank the people that unregistered because they couldn't make it... we prefer a "please unregister me" email than a "no show".

We started with presenting WiPhug and all Board Members, to the crowd.

We then quickly introduced our "Community Request", which is in fact a platform for the you to request ANYTHING Windows Phone related to the crowd. We gave the word to a representative of AZUG, who spoke a few words about their AZUG Saturday.
Then Johan Peters told us about his fantastic Windows Phone App called Belgian Apps. He's looking for Belgian Windows Phone developers, that can't find themself or their Apps in his App... if you are one of them please feel free to send him a mail.
If you have any request you want to send to "the windows phone community", then please send us a mail, so we can make arrangements to get you on our stage.

Then our presentation really started. I (Michael) played the presenter, and Glenn and Bart took the demo parts for their account. This resulted in a funny first hour, since we had to move the microphone from one end of the stage to the other end all the time. Luckily we got that fixed after the break by introducing a second microphone.

After the break, Gill Cleeren of VISUG wanted to tell the crowd about their Windows 8 contest, since you can win one of the two Nokia Windows Phones, we generously allowed him too.

 I won't go into too much details, but the feedback we got afterwards was in general extremely positive, a lot of people liked the Cimbalino, AgFx and mtiks parts a lot. And that means for us a "mission accomplished", since our intent is to show you something you might want to use in your next App.

After the show, Cronos invited us to drink a beer at the bar of the venue... if you walked around a bit, you might have seen the Microsoft representative who showed off the new Nokia phones. She had 2 Nokia Lumia 900 (a black and a white one - both the colors that will be available here in Belgium) and 1 Nokia Lumia 610 in cyan... both gorgeous phones, but I liked the 610 more.

Thank you Microsoft Belgium, for our cool "optimized for touch" T-shirts ! We hope to see you on our next event in May 24th in at RealDolmen in Huizingen, Kevin Dockx will show you advanced data access strategies !

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